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Tor browser f droid

tor browser f droid

How do I run Tor Browser on Windows Phone? There is currently no supported method for Можно ли скачать Tor Browser с ресурса F-Droid? Скоро будет. Скоро будет. Пока вы можете использовать F-Droid для скачивания Tor Browser для Android, если включите репозиторий Guardian Project. OrbotПрокси в комплекте с TorOrbotПрокси в комплекте с Tor. ОН ОФИЦИАЛЕН: это официальная версия Tor для Android. Экспертный режим рута УНИВЕРСАЛЬНЫЙ.

Tor browser f droid

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Imperial Agents might be able to access the area as well. Take the speeder to Network Access and go a bit into the main area. You will see a droid on a speeder pad below where you landed. Empire players can also access this area via a long series treks from Upper Industrial Sector to the Imperial Gadget Warehouse next door.

Empire area. Look up when you are at the location indicated on the map. Republic players can access this via a series of long treks from Imperial Gadget Warehouse. When you get off the speeder at the Corellian Sector, stand at the very edge of the speeder pad and look down. Taris Empire — 6 droids. This droid is located outside the Dynamet General Hospital. You have to look up to find the droid.

This droid is at the very end of Transport Station 5, which can be accessed via a tunnel in NW section of Tularan Marsh. Taris Republic — 6 droids. Just south of Anchorhead Speeder, near the Exhaustion zone. Only Republic players can access this. In the NE corner of Mos Ila map, on the edge of the exhaustion zone, if you zoom in towards a bunker in the far distance, you can spot the recon droid. Only Empire players can access this.

Map of the four MCR droid locations in Jundland. Note that the red dots are where to stand to scan the MCR droids, not where they are actually located. All the way north of Dreviad Outpost. The droid is actually hidden behind the walls but if you scan carefully over the area, your macrobinoculars will pick up the signal. Some info taken from user Holyexecutor in this thread on the official forums. South End of the map, facing west, you can see a droid on top of a tower lodged into the cliffs.

The information here so far is not from the forums. I got them from two people who have being emailing me with these locations see attached proof. If I take any info from the forums, I will give credit. This is not true. I got the Achievement but no pet. The customer support told me that the pet is not bound to the achievement. On Hoth far south of highmount ridge , 69 look below to the south you will see a crashed ship above the cockpit the mcr is floating.

Also on Nar Shadaa Imperial I found sorry I did not write down waypoints was in a rush to grab them:. In corellian sector as you get off speeder go right behind you to ledge and look down there is a little landing pad with the droid dead center. In Network access when you get off speeder right to your right and down below is another speeder port.

It is close to the speeder bike you use to get to the datacron. Easy line of site on it is to walk a little ways away from the speeder into the main area do a and look back down where you landed. Found 1 more on Nar Shadaa imp side was in the southeast corner but forget which area. Also found on hoth Standing at 50 in Clabburn Tundra South of Jagged Plains face due west Probe droid under the ice bridge ahead of you.

Final hoth droid: Clabburn Tundra as well at Big Sink due south of Drift Hills Republic Outpost is a hole in the ground surrounded by wampas at , If you look down into the hole the droid is hovering over the little volcano over the lava all the way at the bottom. For reference it is as far SE as you can go in that area. You will see a curved gap you want to be on the east of that and face back west. The bridge is at , and you can actually see it from right there.

Oh my, thank you! The droid labeled as 1 on Tatooine can be seen, but not scanned, by Imperial players by going to Camp Karnori and going north towards the Exhaustion Zone. The droid should be visible in the sky well before you hit the EZ though. You have to climb up the rock at my location to be able to see it, walking towards the EZ will kill you before you can scan it.

Found the last two droids on Hoth Dulfy. Stop me? Impress me somehow? Well, I am impressed with your tenacity, if nothing else. And, since you seem to be a fan of taking that which is mine, I offer you this in return for your diligence: my prototype for the more compact MCR On the other hand, that may be precisely what I want you to think. Such a conundrum. Unfortunaty there is no attachment bug?

According to Torhead the MCR is a pet. Sent a ticket just in case. Which planets have you scanned the MCR droids in? I just have Corellia, Belsavis, and Makeb left to finish. I got all the droids, did both the seeker and binocular quest lines all the way through and never got a mail. On the achievements page for the driods it mentions both hc4 quests and spotting all the driods on the planets using both Imp and Emp sides.

It does annoy as I dont play my Imp toons, guess I will have to get to 52 and start the quest chain again. CSR told me they handed case over to develop team which is working on the fix. Maybe they will send pets to all people with achievement earned later on… hopefully.

I would suggest to post on this thread and see if they will give an answer. Thanks Dulfy, just curious did you get the pet for all characters or just a 1 time 1 character only reward? I think we need to complete all the planets, Rep and Imp side, doeasnt matter which side you are on! So in my case Im Rep I need to lvl Imp alt….

Do I need to complete the last Heroic mission for the macrobinoculars quests to be able to do these? Do you actually need a character on both sides or does it not count Empire ones if you do Republic ones? For planets that are faction restricted i. Balmorra, Taris, Nar Shaddaa then yes you do need chars from both sides to get the achievement done.

How do they get the macrobinoculars? Do they need to have to start quest a level 52 or can they get them another way? I dont play Imps so waste of time doing any more! Ive done all of this and completed the macrobino quests on both factions. Any ideas why I havent got the email yet? I honestly have no idea. Hey sorry to bother again. I did a short up write up why above. Basically, you need to scan all the droids on one character.

Are you sure the upper industrial are is shared and not imp only? I trust ya dulfy so I went back……and I got it xD Turns out that 1 on coruscant, the one I had to scan during the macrobino questline, needed rescanning for some reason lol. Just wanted to confirm your latest update Dulfy. When I first started this quest the imp only duros sector was bugged and not scannable so I just grabbed a pub only one. With the patch it became scannable and once I scanned that one within 10 minutes I got the mail no droid but I filed a ticket and it should not be an issue now.

The pet is a character-by-character reward, although the achievements are not. The character you want the pet on has to have actually seen and scanned all droids that character is supposed to be able to see. Does that means that you have to run by K HP droids guarding a speeder point at risk of becoming flagged to get to the Upper Industrial Sector of Nar Shaddaa on a Republic Character?

Yes, it does. Your republic character does not have to find some way into the Corellian Sector nor does your Imperial character need to find some way into the Blastfield Shipyards. However, just be patient. It took multiple time going over what I could have missed before I found everything. I scanned the 5 droids I found on my main character on Makeb and later scanned one with a different character.

I got the achievement. The problem with this? It was a droid I had already found on my main. After the first point of thinking I was done, I ultimately scanned brand new droids on my main character before getting the mail. I finished the achievement and got no mail, now im not sure what I did wrong. My rep char is the one I found most of the droids with.

Thank you, I understand that the achievement and the pet are not the same thing, what I find hard to understand is what droids exactly I need to find with my main rep char to get the pet, how do I get to that imp sector on nar-shhadda and is it the last droid I need to find, assuming I scanned all the other droids on all the other planets with the same rep main of my?

It may have had to do with there being a link involved. The game is tracking them in the background. As such, it took me a while, and I had to start going to each droid one by one even if I remembered seeing it before. Maybe I remember seeing it because I did, but not on the character I thought I did. Fly to Lower Industrial Sector 2. Make a left and go into the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse 3. Follow the winding solid line to go down a ramp to the Lower Office Atrium 5.

Head there and cross it in whatever matter you choose. Once you make it to the other side, open your map again. That is where the droid is. She has it on her map above. Sounds like customer service was being more helpful with you than others and narrowing your search down.

Do all 6 on Makeb again to start. Saying you completed the heroic was plenty. It was sarcasm that is not what happens and will do the makeb ones over even though the quest on makeb for them is done and the main quest is too. Why not give it a try. I get that you have to have a toon on both factions. I understand that you have to get the faction-specific planets with the proper toon.

Or is it enough to rip through all of the planets with an imp toon and then fill in the slots with a repub toon? The only path I can see goes past several champion 50s protecting a Republic area. Got no mail or pet. Anyone know of this quest? Or know what the heck I am supposed to do now? I did all of them on my smuggler except for the ones that were locked to the imperial side Dromund Kaas, Hutta etc etc.

For those I had to use my imperial agent. Welp finally got it sorted. Apparently because I scanned the last droid on my imperial agent the CS only checked if the Droid quest was finished on imperial side. It took 5 tickets before I got a CS that actually figured out that I was asking about the email on my republic toon which did have the questline and the droid scan achievement.

So maybe add that if you completed the quest line with with say a Republic chracter BEFORE you completed the scan achievement that you scan the last droid for the achievement on said Republic character. Unless you light battling the CS droids of course. Did the achievement just it says here and even hit the Imp only side with my bounty hunter. I received nothing what so even just the achievement.

Great guide. It was great being able to look for these droids, and believe it or not, when I was searching for the nr. Instead of heading in the direction of the datacron, I went to the right. As I said, it was my first time up there, so anyone who has been there before or read nay of your guides would have known it was there. In Shaddaa you say specific shared both faction chars can or which side are specific char scan , why not in Corellia and Tatooine too?

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